May 20 2008

Market Analysis Tool

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2500% ROI??

20k passively into 13.4 Million in 26yrs? Get outta here.


What if you knew that home values, in a particular area were expected to increase 22%?

As a smart investor, you’d leverage yourself to get your name on as many properties in that area as soon as possible.

And if you knew that home values were expected to take a dive where you like to invest, you might decide to cash in your property, or at least be wise enough scrutinize any new properties purchases.

Its called market timing. Buy low, sell high. If you’re familiar with the term technical analysis, you’re probably into stock trading. Stocks can be volatile. Invest twenty thousand dollars in stocks today and next thursday, it could be higher, it could be lower. Successful traders read stock charts, look at the industry sector in general, compare moving averages and act accordingly. Historically you just couldn’t easily do that with home prices. You can’t go to google finances and plug in your zip code and quickly see what home prices will do. And since you can’t do that, you can’t compare other markets to find out what the better investment is.

But now you can. I’ll let you see who has developed this tool and how you can get access to charts like the following.

Home Prices

If you’re not a registered member of Stanhope Investments please take the time to register, it gives me a stronger negotiating leverage. After that, check out this innovative tool.

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