May 07 2008

Lease Purchase Agreements

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I went to my regular monthly meetup group hosted by Antoine Pirson of Wells and Bennett. It was a small group which was great, lot of my questions were answered. Guest speaker Debbie DeSousa was as a another investor put it, “a smart cookie”. She was extremely helpful and a firm believer in real estate as a sound investment. I questioned how to come up with the cash necessary to do more deals. The answer of finding a low debt-to income partner was brought up. She also turned me onto the idea of taking my existing, negative cash-flowing property and selling it with a lease option to my tenant. I’d reduce the overhead of the property management and increase the income. Not to mention I’d have the added benefit of a signed lease, which would make lenders happy.
I think she also liked my marketing ideas although she and Antoine were decidedly against the internet.

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