May 20 2008

Market Analysis Tool

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2500% ROI????

You’ve got to check this out. The guy who developed this is Harvard MBA/CPA Ken Wade.

A techie. The marketing stuff is dry, but the tool is top-notch. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

This Link will get you to their current marketing page. I recommend if you get the concept of reading a simple chart, you skip the first video, you will have to submit your email, (sorry) then it gets into the good stuff. I recommend doing this, as pictures with video speak much better than my explanation, which follows…

For those who don’t want to do all that, here’s my explanation of how it works. Wade has compiled home sales records for 381 major markets in the US. You can see the trends at a regional level, a state level, and at the market level. The tools he’s created help you identify target markets, so you can see which market currently has a good appreciation rate, and you can also narrow in to see which ones are starting to turn. It uses moving averages for this, when the averages cross, its time for action. What it identifies is a depressed market, filled with foreclosures or just low prices in general which are about to make large gains.
The marketing videos also go on to explain that by continually reinvesting into ‘hot’ markets, you can really multiply your gains. The example was given of a $20k investment netting over $13 million dollars in 26 years. An additional 2500% return. And thats with the added benefit of knowing that you’re in an appreciating and stable environment, so lower risk, higher reward.

Think outside the box a little and combine this technique with your rehab, fix and flip, or no money down deals and the results would be absolutley huge!!
I think its a great tool, and yes I’m working on the pricing.

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