Apr 18 2008

Money is just a thing.

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40hrs every week to earn a living? No thanks.
There’s a better way. It all comes down to this. Money is a concept.
The trick is you just need to transform your comprehension of money. Purchase things that generate money.

Personally I like real estate, so you’ll find a heavy bias towards that, but ultimately the same concept applies if you buy or create businesses. Real estate is great because all the elements are in place and the concepts are pretty simple to understand.

So let’s begin. Head to the financial basics page to learn the basics of financial freedom.

Alternatively, If you came here because you need to sell your property quickly, check out sellfast.wordpress.com.

Lastly, I’ve gotten a few requests to keep people informed of my latest venture, a purchase through a HomeVestors franchise. People want to know if they are a reputable company or not. To check the status of that investment, click the page 2116 Bixler and scroll to the end for the first post.

I am hoping to make this website an invaluable tool for those interested in real estate as an investment. If you have any questions or worthy advice, feel free to post and let the world know.

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