Jan 21 2009

Bixler and Snellville Updates

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Okay so I went back to Atlanta for thanksgiving. Put a new property manager in place for Bixler and Lenora Church. Moved someone into Bixler, had a handful of issues. Apparently the tenant Homevestors had in place for me not only had to be evicted, but had been ripping off Georgia Power as well. So they removed the housing for the electric box. Had to get an electrician to put in the box. Lovely. 

New tenant is absolutely fabulous. Found her with one of my craigslist ads, and a link to Bixler.

The duplex in Snellville has taken a bit longer to rent out. Had to get creative pricing, and will have someone move in for the beginning of February. I heard the news on January 2nd, of course my property manager will take his first months cut, you know, for opening the doors and having the paperwork. Hey, it is tough work being a property manager.

I’ve also cut some personal expenses, so I should be able to get to March without busting heavily into the reserves. I need more cash flowing properties and have been keeping an eye on the Bay for something that fits my needs.

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