Jun 16 2008

Bixler Update

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Happy Day. I just got the first checks on the Bixler Project yesterday! Thank you Virani. Always good to get a cash flow positive property for $500 out of pocket. Thats roughly a 72% return on investment… I am quite the numbers geek… gotta go with your strengths right?

Anyhow, Bixler the ongoing Investment Property Rehab Deal through Raheel Virani and Homevestors, has had some movement. Money is good. As of the 15th of June, I have a tenant buyer for the Atlanta Property. The refinance loan is not done yet. That has been a bit of an undertaking due to the current housing market conditions. There just haven’t been that many “true” house sales to comp against. I imagine a lot of other rehab deals have found this to be true? I’m sure thats the case here in Oakland as foreclosures especially in investment property are increasing in number.

In other news, I’ve been dealing with a lot of rehab… no not yet here in Oakland, but building a stronger site. The average reader won’t notice, but its been in a marketing effort so that there will be a few more of you, so thats good. For fun, go ahead and click on a Google Adsense down there on the left, it’ll make you feel good. Promise.

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