Apr 24 2008

2116 Bixler vs. Tree

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A few problems as noted by my insurance agent:

  1. 35 foot pine which according to my guy could fall on the house or the neighbor’s with a gentle breeze.
  2. Lack of a renter. State Farm doesn’t like to insure vacant homes. Just not good policy.
  3. The back yard is a bit of a jungle.
  4. Exterior needs pressure washing
  5. Replacement window pane.

Its been over 24 hours. No reply from three phone calls. Judgement so far of the HomeVestors team, could be quicker on responding

In other news. “okay, I’ll check it out and take care of it.” Thats a phrase you never hear anymore. No one will look out for your interests better than you personally. There’s an automated site for rent collection. I really need to look into that.

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